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We are a family owned business specializing in Middle Eastern jewelry.

We understand what Middle Eastern brides and their families are seeking for this special occasion.

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Paradise Jewelry

We have over a hundred years of combined experience in 18-24 karat gold jewelry design, cleaning, polishing,, and repairs. Our skilled team combines artistry, craftsmanship, and cultural sensitivity to give you the most elegant jewelry pieces for your celebrations and heirlooms.

Our grandfather started this business, focusing on crafting and selling jewelry to the Middle Eastern community in New Jersey. Over the years, our company continues to grow, and now we are the leading competitor in special occasion and Middle Eastern jewelry in New Jersey.

We have in our store elegant, authentic jewelry to choose from, all handcrafted and designed by our family and skilled artisans. The entire team is licensed, bonded and insured to buy, sell, and repair gold jewelry.

Our Services

We purchase jewelry after passing it through our rigorous tests to grade it. We pay market value for pieces that pass the test. We are committed to providing a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to all customers who visit our store. We will be with you every step of the way.

Listening, guiding, and advising make it easy for you to find the perfect jewelry pieces. We welcome you to stop by and buy or sell jewelry, or window shop.

Our team has regular customer service training, and we take pleasure in serving our customers on their quest to find personalized jewelry and timepieces.

We meet your expectations with each piece. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our satisfied customers’ faces light up when we deliver commissioned designer pieces–each one designed and built to your individual wants and needs.

We use Jordanian, Turkish, Dubai, Kuwaiti, and Syrian gold to create and assemble finely crafted jewelry, wedding bands, earrings, engagement rings, watches, necklaces, broaches, and various timepieces, all specially crafted to appeal to the community we serve.

From time to time, we enjoy collaborating with local artists to showcase their designs.

Our Commitment

Paradise Jewelry specializes in creating, buying, and selling fine jewelry, and high-grade new, pre-owned, and vintage wristwatches. Our team designs and produces custom 21-24 karat gold pieces right in the store.

A jeweler is always present at the shop to attend to any jewelry repairs and cleaning services, you require. We also offer jewelry polishing services, battery replacements, and timepiece repairs.

We welcome you to trade in your old jewelry and upgrade to pieces that pique your interest. Alternatively, we can work with you to convert the unwanted jewelry into designs that will make you appreciate its beauty once more.

We Love Scrap Gold

Do you have scrap gold? If you don’t know where to take your damaged gold rings, chains, or earrings that only take space in your jewelry box, kindly bring the pieces to us. We have expert staff who will melt your scrap gold and use their creativity to design breathtaking, unique pieces.

Visit us at Paradise Jewlery today, and work with a family-oriented local business that serves its community with pride and exemplary service!

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