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About Gold Karats

A karat is a measurement of purity. Pure gold is 24 karat gold, and as other metals are mixed with the gold to create gold alloys, the karat (or purity) measurement is reduced. A karat is different from a carat, which is a unit of weight. Gemstone dealers dealing in pearls, rubies, and diamonds use this unit of weight to explain describe in the precious stones.

21 Karat Gold

There are differences in the levels of purity between 21 karat and 24 karat gold. 21 karat gold is 21 parts of pure gold, while the remaining three parts are composed of other metals.

The world over, 21 karat gold is preferred for designing and making jewelry. 21 karat gold pieces coming from Jordan, Syria, Dubai, Kuwait, and Turkey comprise of 91% gold. The remaining 9% is nickel, silver, zinc, or combinations of these precious metals or other alloys. Upon request, we use 21 karat gold to forge bridal pieces, wedding bands, and custom jewelry accessories for our esteemed clients. 21 karat gold pieces are very resilient and will wear beautifully through many generations, because the additional metals harden the and strengthen the gold.

24 Karat Gold

Other names given to this type of gold are 100% gold and pure gold. All pieces of 24 karat gold are made only of gold, without traces of any other metals. 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure, and retains the lustrous bright yellow associated with luxurious gold accessories. Due to its purity, brilliant nature, and its rarity, 24 karat gold is a highly sought material for jewelry and decorative objects. But because 24 karat gold is not alloyed with any other metal, it is retains its characteristic pliability and softness. Due to this natural quality, it is less desirable for jewelry that is meant to be worn regularly. We do not recommend it for crafting jewelry pieces that are meant to last a lifetime with daily wear, such as wedding rings. 24 karat gold is better suited to special occasion jewelry, keepsakes, decor, or show pieces.

Different Gold Colors

24 karat gold remains is a lustrous golden yellow color. To change its color, jewelers like ours must create alloys, or mixtures of gold with other metals.

At Paradise Jewelry, we can achieve your preferred gold colors and custom gold jewelry through the following methods:

●     Green Gold: We add silver and zinc to gold to create green gold, which makes a beautiful addition to a 21 karat gold background or in combination with yellow and rose gold designs.

●     Pink or rose Gold: We add copper to gold to create pink or rose tones; the amount of copper determines the intensity of the pink or rose colors, so we can create custom tones for your jewelry on request.

●     White Gold: We add either palladium or nickel to gold to create white gold jewelry. Here, too, the amount of palladium or nickel determines how bright the white gold becomes, and we can create custom tones for your jewelry on request.

For surface gold colors, we use electroplating. This process lays a layer of color over a solid piece. If you wish to engrave names, dates, or other messages into a piece of jewelry, we can do a surface finish to highlight the lettering. Please note that this process is not meant for pieces that see heavy wear, as it can become worn over time.

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